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14th April 2014

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Pleasure first, Business later - Quinn/Santana, Romance, Drama

After witnessing the death of her parents, Santana vows to seek revenge on the man who took their lives. Once she learns he now has a family, she targets his daughter but things do not go as planned.

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14th April 2014

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With No Moonlight - Blaine/Kurt, Hurt/Comfort, Drama

In a world where legal slavery exists in all continents except Europe, Kurt Hummel moves back to Lima after years spent in France. The idea of owning a person disgusts him but soon he meets a boy that changes his mind. Kurt wants nothing more than to own him. 

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14th April 2014

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And Then He Kissed Me - Kurt, Humour

Something weird is happening at McKinley High School. In fact, the situation is just downright disturbing at times. “Kurt?” Rachel asked finding the boy hiding under the piano, “What’s wrong?”

Staring up at her in a mixture of confusion and fright, Kurt says, “Boys keep kissing me.” With no apparent explanation, boys just keep kissing Kurt Hummel. 

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14th April 2014


Value - Blaine/Kurt, Hurt/Comfort, Romance

Kurt wakes up in the hospital without his ring on and panics. Blaine is there to reassure him that all is well.

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14th April 2014

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Plug In Baby - Blaine/Kurt, Hurt/Comfort, Drama

Blaine passes by Kurt everyday on his way home, ignoring the pink haired pierced up boy to avoid the trouble that the boy seems to surround himself with. One day though, Blaine can’t avoid paying attention to Kurt, and one simple act of humanity creates enough drama that even Rachel is overwhelmed by it.

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14th April 2014


Legends In Love - Finn/Rachel, Romance, Humour

Rachel and Finn decide to elope while attending senior prom.

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14th April 2014

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Business As Usual - Quinn/Rachel, Romance

GP!Rachel is a successful business woman who frequently requests Quinn’s “services”.

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14th April 2014

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Of Bikes and Trikes - Quinn/Santana, Romance, Humour

Young Santana and Quinn are neighbors, crushing on each other.

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14th April 2014


Anonymous asked: Sorry my question got sent, anyway it's an AU Quinntana/Pierceberry fic where Santana and Rachel are sisters and they move to Lima for some reason?

If anyone can find a fic of this description, I will you love you forever. Thank you.

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30th March 2014

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All Of Me - Mercedes/Sam, Romance, Drama

A journey through Mercedes’ mind and struggles as Sam fights to get her back.

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